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New Inn, Sarisbury
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Portchester Castle from the lake
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Castle Street, Portchester
Castle Street, Portchester
Portchester Castle and Barracks, Portchester, early 19th century
Portchester Castle, 18th century
Portchester Castle, 18th century
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Brief Description: View of Norman keep at Portchester Castle showing enclosing fence with cattle and man pushing barrow on lane, 18th century.
Subject Date: 18th century
Creator: Copied by: Dine, Derek; Hampshire County Library;
Owner: Hampshire Library and Information Service
Contributor: Hampshire Library and Information Service
Full Description: Under Henry I (1100-1133) Portchester was transformed into a Norman castle. The north western corner of the Roman fort was demolished and a substantial keep built in its place, probably between 1120 and 1130 to about half the height of the keep today. The castle was intended both as a stronghold and as a place of temporary royal residence. The Roman walls were kept as outer defences and most of the original fort became the outer bailey or yard of the castle. Within the north west corner of the original fort a much smaller area was walled off as an inner bailey with its own moat and gatehouse and was entered from the outer bailey. The inner bailey - the castle proper - was dominated by its keep in the corner. Internally the keep was a relatively luxurious residence with the two main living rooms occupying the whole of the first floor. Though now roofed and provided with floors and staircases, all the woodwork is recent. Only the original thick walls remain. The ground floor was used for storage and reached by a spiral staircase from the room above. The keep was raised to its present height about 1170, containing two additional floors. During the later 12th, 13th and 14th centuries, the castle was used occasionally by successive kings. King John used it as a base for hunting in the nearby Forest of Bere, as well as for lodging while travelling between Portsmouth and Normandy. Edward 1 used the castle as a prison, it was refurbished by Edward 11and Edward 111. It was remodelled during the reign of Richard 11 (1377-1399). The resident Constable of the castle from 1396-1399 was Robert Assheton who made himself comfortable quarters in the eastern part of the inner bailey and built Assheton's Tower. Much more substantial work was carried out by King Richard himself who created a small, well appointed palace within the south western part of the inner bailey. Ruins of this place survive, the outlines of the Great Hall and the nearby Great Chamber built under the shadow of the keep. From 1600 to 1618 Sir Thomas Cornwallis was the Governor of the castle and he altered the Constable's living quarters which dated from the time of Assheton. The gatehouse to the inner bailey shows successive changes throughout the years. In later years, both the keep and Assheton's Tower were used as a prison. When the keep was adapted to hold prisoners of war as many decks as possible were inserted and the walls were patched in brick. Today it is owned by English Heritage. References: 1. Lloyd, David W. 1974. Buildings of Portsmouth and its environs, p. 54. 2. Rigold, S E. 1985. Portchester Castle, p. 19-24. Copy photograph of an engraving.
Place: Portchester, Fareham Borough, Hampshire
Subject: castle, Portchester Castle, building, fort, keep, tower, Assheton's Tower, prison, wall, Roman wall, livestock, cattle, transport, barrow, forest, Forest of Bere
Name Subject: King Henry 1, King John, King Edward 1, King Edward 11, King Edward 111, Richard 11, Robert Assheton, Sir Thomas Cornwallis
Content Type: Photograph
Location: Fareham Library
Local Ref: 327/15/1
Unique ID: hs-hl-hs2366-i-00-000.jpg
IPR: Hampshire Library and Information Service - Hampshire County Council

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