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Church of England School, Shedfield
St John's Church, Shedfield
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Tower, Shedfield
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Brief Description: Tower in churchyard, Shedfield, 1973.
Subject Date: August 1983
Creator: Derek Dine, Hampshire County Library
Owner: Hampshire Library and Information Service
Contributor: Hampshire Library and Information Service
Full Description: Shedfield parish is made up of three villages, Shedfield, Shirrell Heath and Waltham Chase. Its history dates back to 1st century AD when 27 Roman kilns were found in Sandy Lane. The original name of the parish possibly comes from the Anglo Saxon name of seida falda meaning a plank of wood split thin, perhaps a footbridge as there are many streams in the area. The former village centre was along the Botley Road. It included Shidfield House, a 17th century farmhouse, cottages, a village green and a pond. In 1832 James Crabb had retired from the East India Naval Service and had been given Shidfield Lodge as a wedding present. In 1834 he gave the village its first school for boys only and when in 1861 plans were made for a mixed school, his wife gave the land for it to be built. In 1837 the family name had been changed to Boucher on becoming a beneficiary in a will. In 1867 his daughter Elizabeth founded a cottage hospital at Hill House, Shirrell Heath. She rented a house and installed a nurse and some beds, later establishing a dispensary. The hospital proved successful and needed extending. Frederick Townsend, then of Shidfield Lodge, provided the money to buy land for it in Hospital Road in 1875. A red brick chapel of ease was built on common land in 1829 and was used for 51 years, until the present Church of St John was consecrated. In the churchyard, the simple brick tower of the old church of 1829 survives The architect of the new church was John Colson. There were plans for a spire but there was insufficient money and eventually Mrs Franklyn, who now lived in Shidfield Lodge, gave the tower in 1887. After the building of the new church and school, the village centre gradually moved to the new Church Road. Reference: 1. Hampshire Federation of Women's Institutes. The new Hampshire village book, p. 196-7. 2. Draper, Jo. 1990. Hampshire The complete guide, p. 157.
Place: Shedfield, Winchester City, Hampshire
Subject: building, tower, church, churchyard, house, Shidfield House, Shidfield Lodge, hospital, Hill House, parish, Shedfield, Shirrell Heath, Waltham Chase, street, Sandy Lane, Botley Road, Hospital Road
Name Subject: James Crabb, Elizabeth Boucher, Frederick Townsend, John Colson, Franklyn, East India Navy, St John's Church
Content Type: Photograph
Location: Fareham Library
Local Ref: 13/3/4
Unique ID: hs-hl-hs2494-i-00-000.jpg
IPR: Hampshire Library and Information Service - Hampshire County Council

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